Visit the LabTech Virtual Tent

Wednesday November 4 at 4:00

As part of the first ever remote LabTech, this year the LabTech tent has gone virtual! Come see us in the LabTech 2020 iSee virtual environment on Wednesday November 4, from 4:00-5:00. This is your chance to explore the virtual meeting space, mingle and socialize with your colleagues, and ask questions form our IT experts!

iSee is a different kind of virtual meeting tool, where you can move about a room or outdoor space, and talk to people around you. This adds a new social element that Zoom cannot provide alone, and offers a preview of what virtual poster sessions or social events might look like in the future.

In the Welcome Courtyard:

  • Workstation Support

  • LBL Ergo Team

  • Collaboration Services

  • Software Licensing

  • Research Library

In the Classroom environment:

  • LBLnet / Home Networking

  • Creative Services

  • Science IT

  • Telephone Services

  • CyberSecurity

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Install and Login instructions for Windows and Mac